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Sociall Whitepaper


Sociall is a secure and private decentralised social network for all

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Decentralised Self-Governing Social Network


All data and multimedia uploads are stored within the encrypted decentralised storage solution that is built and maintained by Sociall.

The team is already working on a solution that utilises IPFS, a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol, for further decentralision of the platform.


Sociall is slowly moving the entire platform to self-governing. This means that users on Sociall will be able to assist with keeping the platform clean and safe by removing spam and offensive posts.

This “self-governing” feature will give the power back to the people instead of having all power sit with the owning entity. All users that participate will be compensated in SCL for their services.

Decentralised Wallet

Sociall account wallets will be created through a decentralised smart-contract process where there is no owning entity.

The setup entity, being Sociall, will not have control over any funds kept in a user’s account wallet and will never be able to process any transactions on behalf of the user – making it completely decentralised.

Simple wallet SCL top-ups with crypto and fiat are in the roadmap.

Facebook Migration Tool

The team is currently working on a Facebook migration tool to make the move over to Sociall as painless as possible. Data such as your user profile, recent posts, and friends list can all be ported over to Sociall.

Read more about this tool and its in-depth details here.


A majority of Sociall’s projects will be moved to open-source just after mid 2018.

The project may eventually open some repositories up to pull-requests, although this is yet to be confirmed. Outside developers will be able to contribute to the development of Sociall by creating pull-requests on the public repos. If the Sociall development team reviews the request to be of benefit to the platform, then it will be approved.

Open-sourcing all of Sociall’s systems displays transparency to the community.


The platform utilises its own easy-to-use cryptocurrency, called SCL. It is used to pay for all goods and services rather than traditional money.

Think of SCL as the native currency of the platform instead of using multiple different currencies that usually come with conversion fees. SCL is an ERC20 based token on the Ethereum blockchain.

SCL is tradable on many popular cryptocurrency exchanges.


Sociall believes that privacy is a fundamental human right.

  • You own all of your content and personal information. It is not ours.
  • Search engines will never be allowed to index your profile.
  • All feeds are chronologically ordered. We do not manipulate or change the order of your content.
  • We do not share your personal information with anyone.
  • Anything that you delete from Sociall is deleted permanently. We do not store copies.
  • We do not use facial recognition technology.
  • No snooping or surveillance on your activities or data.

Don’t believe us? Wait until we’re open-source on GitHub in the coming months to see for yourself.


Other features worth noting

Our Team

We're a very hands-on team. That's why all team members work in-house in our office space on the Gold Coast in Australia.

Role of Coin/Token - Used to buy goods, services and ad spaces on Sociall

Address - 0xd7631787b4dcc87b1254cfd1e5ce48e96823dee8

Symbol - SCL

Circulating supply - 16,714,019.66 SCL

Total supply - 16,714,019.66 SCL

Emission rate - No new coins/tokens will ever be created


  • Q1 2018 Complete

    V2.0b initial closed beta launch. Invite only access to the platform. More invites sent out frequently as the platform becomes more stable and bug-free. Bug fixes, optimisations, and micro-features continuously pushed to the closed beta.
  • Q2 2018 Complete

    Preparing for open beta. Further testing and bug fixing of the closed beta. More invites sent out to the public each week. Security audit to be completed on all code and the authentication flow to remove any found vulnerabilities. Expanding the development team.
  • Q3 2018

    Opening the floodgates and moving the platform to an open beta in August. Releasing the Facebook migration tool. Releasing account deleting and data exporting. Further bug fixes and optimisations. Taking all code repositories open-source. Post sharing capabilities. Releasing the Community section. Adding better profile privacy settings. Building a talented in-house marketing team.
  • Q4 2018

    Decentralised wallet integration. Users can store/receive/send SCL securely. Starting a security audit on the wallet feature before shipping live. Adding optional 2FA. Adding the Events and Groups sections for public and private use. Adding the marketplace to Sociall where users can create product posts and make purchases. Send SCL user-to-user via instant message.
  • Q1 2019

    Allowing SCL top-ups inside the wallet with fiat. Adding more micro-features. Multilingual capabilities. Concentrating mainly on English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Hindi on first release, with many more to come. First release of self-governing capabilities. Adding poll posts. Planning IPFS migration.
  • Q2 2019

    Crowdfunding capabilities and posts to raise SCL for a specific goal or purpose. Release of iOS and Android applications. Migrating all data and multimedia uploads to IPFS. Release of the Ad Platform. Further language support. Business/Company/Organisation pages.
  • Q3 2019

    End-to-end message encryption for secret chats user-to-user. Open API for third party single sign-on capabilities and integrations into foreign websites and applications. Giphy support in comments, messages and posts. Integrating Civic to verify identity and receive "verified" badge.
  • Beyond

    There are many more features that the team has planned for the project. Sociall listens to the voice of the community and would like to hear your thoughts on future integrations, additions, features and more. Contact us at if you'd like to suggest a feature or idea.