Social networking. But not as you know it.
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We’ve reimagined social media

We’re creating the world’s best decentralised social network, so you can learn more, do more, connect and share without interruption. Powerful, secure, private – with Sociall, you’re in control.

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Security first

We’re harnessing the power of decentralised technology to deliver a seamless social network safe from snooping by search engines. Usernames provide anonymity if you want it – or the opportunity to reflect your brand if you don’t. Once a profile or post is deleted, it’s deleted for good – not suspended, not hidden, not archived. Deleted. With Sociall, your data is within your control.

Share your voice

Got an opinion? Share it. Raising funds for charity? Promote it. Exploring a new topic? Discover it. Our chronological feed delivers news and posts as they break. You set your interests to view content that matters. We’re creating a secure space for discussion, dialogue and debate. Join us.



Sociall currency

Our native currency, SCL, makes it simple to buy, sell and transact on Sociall. Traded on many popular cryptocurrency exchanges, SCL eliminates the transaction fees, currency conversions and payment processing delays of traditional payments. Easy access, highly secure, anonymous and internationally accepted – who doesn’t want that?

Exchanges: HitBTC, Bancor, Cryptopia

More Features

Self-Governed Coming Soon

We’ve designed a self-governing network, where our community works together to keep Sociall safe and spam-free.

Marketplace Coming Soon

Buy, sell or promote your products – with our peer-to-peer decentralised Marketplace (coming soon), Sociall is a secure incubator for entrepreneurship, commerce and trade.

Crowdfunding Coming Soon

Raise funds for charity, generate start-up investment for your project or promote a personal cause – Sociall’s upcoming crowdfunding release will enable donations in SCL to help you achieve the missions you’re passionate about.

Blogging Coming Soon

We’re developing a user-friendly publishing platform to give your ideas a voice. Whether you’re passionate about cryptocurrency, emerging tech, fitness and health, social causes or even your pets or Star Wars obsession, we’ve got you covered. You publish it, we share it, our community talks about it. Get creative!


Sociall aids discoverability so you can learn more, explore more and do more. View ALL posts on Sociall, filter by who you’re FOLLOWING, or curate by your selected interests in DISCOVER. You control your feed – and all posts appear as they happen, not based on algorithms. No surveillance, just social sharing.

So much more

Future releases will include private groups, events, mobile apps for iOS and Android, a fully integrated self-serve ad platform (powered by SCL) and end-to-end encrypted instant messaging.

Check out our Roadmap for release dates.

We don’t curate your feed based on your activity. We reject advertising that interrupts your experience.
We’re Sociall. And we’re ready for you.

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Role of Coin/Token - Used to buy goods, services and ad spaces on Sociall

Address - 0xd7631787b4dcc87b1254cfd1e5ce48e96823dee8

Symbol - SCL

Circulating supply - 16,714,019.66 SCL

Total supply - 16,714,019.66 SCL

Emission rate - No new coins/tokens will ever be created